Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good news/bad news

Bad news....My mom is in the hospital because of mini strokes. They think she has had 2 that they know of. She was supposed to have knee replacement on Friday (16th), but on Thursday (15th) she woke up with her arm feeling totally numb. She went into the doctor and they couldnt get a blood pressure on that arm at all. So they sent her immediately to the ER. They admitted her. They think there is a blockage in her sub-clavical and are trying to pinpoint it exactly. The problem is, she is already in kidney failure, stage 4, so they cant do contrast MRI or anything like that. Her kidneys cant handle it. Also, anesthesia is an issue. They may just have to do a local to fix the blockage. She cant get general anesthesia because of her kidneys. So they are doing bunches of tests, put her on heparin and are drawing her blood every 6 hours. No fun! So we are praying for her and hoping for the best. They are wanting to do surgery on Monday is all goes well with all the tests they are doing.

Fun news.....So I just discovered facebook and I think I am addicted already! Its so much fun! I am catching up with family that I havent talked to in ages!

Good news...........We are getting a new washer and dryer! I am so dang excited! I have never been so excited to do a load of laundry. Hopefully I will be spending less time and wont have to do so many loads now. We are getting them on Tuesday.

So thats it for now!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! So its been a hectic few months! We had Katelyn in November, my sister was here to help. Then Thanksgiving came up fast and Glens parents were here to help and cook (thank goodness!! ). The kids had a ball with them. Then it was Christmas concerts, decorating for Christmas, shopping, and being sleep deprived with a newborn and trying to get on a schedule during the busiest time of year! But we made it to 2009! My parents came up the very end of December and was here to help bless Katelyn. We blessed her on January 4th in our ward. She of course cried through the whole thing, but luckily we could still hear what Glen said when he blessed her. He gave a wonderful blessing to her. She was very cute and wore the blessing outfit my sister made me when I was a baby. It was so great to have my parents here! The kids had a blast with hiking with grandpa (up and down hills :) ), playing, reading, and lots more. We were sad they had to go back home. Anyway, here are some pics!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Introducing Katelyn!!

Well she is finally here! Katelyn Brooke Gunnell was born November 13th at 1:00 AM. She was 6 pounds and 15 1/2 oz and 20 inches long.
We went to the hospital to be induced around 12:45 am on November 12th. I got an epidural around 10 AM, but my contractions never normalized and it was slow going. I thought the baby would never get here. Finally, a full 24 hours after I got to the hospital, she made her appearance. I guess inducement doesnt always go so fast or smooth. She is my smallest baby, but my longest labor. But she is here! Whew. It feels so great to not be pregnant anymore!
So far she has been a pretty good baby. Its always a little rough in the beginning, but she is just so precious and cute. We are just loving her. Elizabeth just cant keep her hands off of her. Nathan will come about 10 inches away from here and blow her a kiss, but wont touch her or anything. He is still not sure about this baby girl. Tanner is just interested in everything she does and just watches her.
So here are some pics!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Long time no write.....

Well it has been a couple of months since I have written. Sorry about that. Things are going good! The kids love school. Tanner is doing well in his speech therapy and really likes his class. I just wish he could be a little more sure of himself and assertive. I know I know.... he's only 4. :)
Elizabeth loves her teacher, first grade was an adjustment. She kept saying they just work all day long. But I think she is finally into the swing of things.
Nathan is doing good and starting to be a real handful. He is tall enough now to climb onto kitchen chairs and then onto the kitchen table. He loves getting into the toilet and splashing as much as possible. Typical 18 month old I guess. He is still cute though. He just started nursery as well and I am so excited!!!
We have a new ward. Our wards split from 2 to 3! We are excited about it. Glen is still the Elders Quorum president and I was just called to be enrichment leader (although I wont be doing much for the rest of this year!!)
We are on countdown for #4. So hopefully in a few weeks I will have new pictures to post and more to write about!!
Till then!.............

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

AZ trip

Our next stop was Grandma and Grandpa Johnsons! They just got off their mission from Hawaii! My dad was serving as head maintenance for the Polynesian Cultural Center and my mom served at BYU-Hawaii. My mom came home on the 15th and my dad followed a week later. The kids had a blast!
There were slumber parties, hula dancing (with the clothes that grandma made!), learning how to play with poi poi balls, making a playhouse, swimming and gardening with grandpa. Tons of fun for everyone! We miss all of our family in AZ!

AZ trip 2

4th of July was a lot of fun with fireworks, homeade ice cream and fun games with granny! Granny made the pinata! The kids had a blast!

AZ trip -

Well we are back after a month in AZ! It was a lot of fun! Our first stop was the ranch in Pinedale. We spent almost 2 full weeks playing at the cabin, riding atv's, playing games and having fun. The kids especially loved playing with their cousins and loved exploring. There were days that Tanner and Elizabeth didnt come home for hours! Basically they showed up when they were hungry!:) They made forts and had tons of fun. We also went to the look-out tower, but it was closed. But we caught a lizard and horny toad! There was no shortage of catching those at the ranch!