Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good news/bad news

Bad news....My mom is in the hospital because of mini strokes. They think she has had 2 that they know of. She was supposed to have knee replacement on Friday (16th), but on Thursday (15th) she woke up with her arm feeling totally numb. She went into the doctor and they couldnt get a blood pressure on that arm at all. So they sent her immediately to the ER. They admitted her. They think there is a blockage in her sub-clavical and are trying to pinpoint it exactly. The problem is, she is already in kidney failure, stage 4, so they cant do contrast MRI or anything like that. Her kidneys cant handle it. Also, anesthesia is an issue. They may just have to do a local to fix the blockage. She cant get general anesthesia because of her kidneys. So they are doing bunches of tests, put her on heparin and are drawing her blood every 6 hours. No fun! So we are praying for her and hoping for the best. They are wanting to do surgery on Monday is all goes well with all the tests they are doing.

Fun news.....So I just discovered facebook and I think I am addicted already! Its so much fun! I am catching up with family that I havent talked to in ages!

Good news...........We are getting a new washer and dryer! I am so dang excited! I have never been so excited to do a load of laundry. Hopefully I will be spending less time and wont have to do so many loads now. We are getting them on Tuesday.

So thats it for now!


Sam and Natalee said...

Cool! What are you getting front loaders? They have made such fancy ones since we bought ours. That is very exciting! I use to think of mine as my most valuable posession when we first got them. :)

If you don't think you will feel up to hanging out Monday while you wait to hear from your mom just let me know.

Lori Woodman said...

I hadn't heard about your mom being hospitalized. I'll have to get Raleigh more in tune with email...maybe even Facebook! Lot's of the cousin's hadn't heard about Tim so glad you were able to catch up on my blog. Love ya, Lori

Jenny said...

I hope everything goes ok with your mom! That sounds awful!
The day I get a new washer and dryer will be like heaven, enjoy!

Becky and Scott said...

well, gosh! That just crazy with your mom! Let me know if she is able to go into surgery today! She'll be in our prayers. That is cool about your washer and dryer!!! Face book is fun! I don't get on it as much. But I'll look for ya! Love ya girl!