Saturday, June 7, 2008

Countdown to AZ!

Well we are getting close to our AZ trip! The kids are very excited to see their cousins and grandparents again. Especially Grandma and Grandpa Johnson who have served 3 missions and are finally coming home for an extended period of time.... we hope. :) We are excited to play at the ranch and eat Mattas and see all of our family and friends! We have a lot of catching up to do!

The fireflies are starting to come out! Elizabeth is so excited. She wants us to wake her up to see them. They come out around 9 or 9:30 and the kiddos are in bed by 8. :) Today we had a mommy and daughter date. We went to lunch and got our hair done. Elizabeth was so excited. She got her hair washed and loved that. She picked out what picture she wanted to look like and told the hairdresser what to do. Since I am cheap, I didnt want them to blow dry, so it was wet. She looked at herself in the mirror and said, you didnt do it like the picture! So tomorrow we will see how she likes her new haircut when we do it for church.

Two of my friends here had babies in the past couple of weeks! I am so excited for them. Now they are almost caught up to us!! :) My other good friend had her baby in AZ. We are catching up to them... :)

My dad had his birthday too! He is 71!!! Happy Birthday dad!

Elizabeth has been such a great big help these past couple of weeks. She cleans her room, makes her bed and Tanners bed, makes MY bed and straitens up the bathroom. All without me asking. She "surprises" me everyday. Hope it continues when she is a teenager!!

We are thinking of putting Tanner and Elizabeth in Vacation Bible school. Does anyone have any experience with this? Just wondered what other people experienced.

Anyway, thats it for now.


Tiffani said...

I'm not sure if Matta's moved or closed permanently, but it is no longer open at the Main St. location. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
We can't wait to see you anyway! We finally got an offer accepted and we'll be cleaning up and moving in to a "new" house at the end of this month! Not a moment too soon! It's at Signal Butte and Elliot. Not too far from where Lucy (Palmer? I think) moved a while back.

Dale and Shanell said...

Oh, but I can be the bearer of good news! Mattas is open down the street from me!!! Higley and Brown. I can't wait to see you! Nikki and I were talking about it the other day. See you soon!