Friday, June 20, 2008

Busy Week!

Well this is going to be a busy and exciting week!
Tuesday we are finding out what we are having so we are praying the baby will cooperate! Will it be a boy or girl???
Thursday I have a doctors appointment, packing, and having a girls nite out to say goodbye to one of my dearest friends Natalie Messick. I am so sad you are leaving but I know you will do great in Singapore!! Thank goodness for email and phones. I will miss you!
Friday we go to AZ!! The kids just cant talk about it enough. They are counting down the days. We are going to the ranch on Saturday for a week and a half. My parents get home from their mission from Hawaii July 15th, and we cant wait! So this will be an extended trip for me. Not for Glen. Somehow he timed it so he would be home just before he got to see the inlaws. Just kidding. He didnt really plan it to be that way, he just needs to save vacation time for when the baby comes!
Congrats to Shallan and Randy on their new addition to their family! She is so adorable! I am excited for you guys! You will have to let me know what its like to have 4 kids!! ;) Will I survive??
Anyway, thats it for now!! I will write on Tuesday and let you know which it will be!!


Tiffani said...

Wow! Busy but exciting! I can't wait to find out if your baby has a hamburger or a hot dog! Does Elizabeth want a girl? I was 9 when I finally got a sister and I was SOOO excited.
See you soon.

Springers said...

Can't wait to hear, I'll keep checking. I am thinking a girl!

Dale and Shanell said...

Ok, if you can handle three, four will be easier. Three was the hardest for me. Four is definitely easier. I can't wait to see you!!! I was telling Savannah you were coming down to visit and she remembers Elizabeth Anne and was excited to play with her. Oh, I can't wait!!!