Saturday, April 12, 2008


Well we are on a countdown!
Tuesday: Last day of work! Hooray!
Thursday: Mom and Dad Gunnell come to watch the kiddos! Hooray!
Saturday: Leave for the CRUISE!! HOORAY!!!
We are so excited.
Well not much going on this week. Elizabeth is doing T-ball when its not raining, they have had 3 practices cancelled due to weather. Now they are playing games. Oh well. I guess eventually they may figure it out.
Tanner is our little singer. He just sings all the time. he is also a good big brother to Nathan and plays with him. He has his Parent teacher conference coming up as well.
Nathan turned 1!! He is having his personality come through loud and strong too. He seems to want to be more independant everyday and is frustrated that he cant be quite yet. I think learning to walk will help his frustration a little bit. He will stand, but not walk. Hopefully that will come soon.
Thats all for now! Will probably not post until after the cruise!


Tiffani said...

Wow! You came back strong to blogging! I'd almost given up on checking your blog. So glad I did. We're excited for you to have another baby.
Have a blast on your cruise. That sounds soooo fun. We get to see you in June? Is that right? Can't wait.
I'm glad tax season is over for you. I have been feeling so blessed for the last couple of weeks that I no longer work at the CPA firm from you know where! Even though its been 3 years since I quit, I am still SOOO glad that part of my life is OVER!
Post pics of your cruise - I'd love to see them.

Dale and Shanell said...

Happy Anniversary!Have a blast on the cruise. Hope you are able to enjoy it all. Guess you don't have to worry about getting pregnant! Love you and love reading the blog! Can't wait to hear all about the fun times that await.

vaclaw family said...

Yay, you guys have a blog, I will have to add you guys to ours! Congrats on baby #4, that's great!

Shallan said...

I'm so excited you are blogging! I can't wait to hear all about your cruise... have fun!