Sunday, February 24, 2008

2nd blog post

Ok, so I havent posted once a week like I planned. My first post was in October, and it is now almost march! :) Well heres the latest. Our family has been sick pretty much since November. Nathan was on antibiotics pretty much all of November and December and finally got tubes in January. Two days later he had pneumonia. Antibiotics again. Now its a cold. Elizabeth had asthmatic problems, they thought maybe she had asthma, but it turned out to be maybe a seasonal asthma. They are not totally sure. She had to be on breathing treatments for a few weeks. Then she got the flu bug. Then two days later Glen got it, two days later Tanner got it. So the whole family except for Nathan and I were throwing up. Then I got sick and achy and bronchitis, and now its a glorified cold I think. Anyways, I hope we are on the upswing and mending. Glen is still the Elders Quorum president and is doing great there. Its a lot of work and effort, but he does wonderful with the people in our ward that are not that active. He is also getting recognized at conocophillips for his hard work there. His supervisors love him and he is a great and hard worker. I am doing tax season here at JH. Cant believe we are almost down to one month left. It goes really fast. Elizabeth loves school, Tanner loves preschool and nathan loves baby einsteins! :) Anyway, I will try to post some pics soon and hopefully keep up with the blog!

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